Events are split into Major and Minor Events. These events allow the player to gain rewards after completing the event they are participating in.

Major Events[edit | edit source]

Rage Pit[edit | edit source]

Only the mid is accessible, everyone has double health and gets rage potatoes on kill. Vampire, golden heads, and the enchant Devil Chicks! are disabled. Rage potatoes heal 1❤️, give 2💛, and Resistance II for 7 seconds.

Placings are based on damage dealt. Everyone gets a bonus if the total kills during the event exceeds 600. Top 20 damagers get 1 renown, and top 3 get 2 renown.

Team Deathmatch[edit | edit source]

All players are split into 2 teams, red and blue. Players can only attack the opposite teams, and placings are determined by Kills + Assists. The enchant Grim Reaper is disabled during the event. The winning team gets 1,500g, and the losing team gets 150g. Top 20 kills+assists get 1 renown, and top 3 get 2 renown.

Beast[edit | edit source]

3 players are given beast status. They have +10❤️, special enchanted armor, slowness I, and a diamond sword. They are not given a diamond helmet, and cannot gain health or absorption. Healing enchants are disabled. Killing a beast will make you a beast, and players do not lose mystic lives when dying as beast. Non-beasts gain a compass that point to the nearest beast.

Placings are determined by your number of kills on beasts and as beast. Everyone earns a bonus if a beast does not survive longer than 90 seconds. You earn 250g every 5 seconds while you are beast. Top 20 beast kills get 1 renown, and top 3 get 2 renown.

Robbery[edit | edit source]

Everyone starts with a 100g stash, and you earn gold by hitting or killing other players. Killing another player with give you a large portion of their stash. The stash is capped at 10,000g. Once you leave spawn, you are not able to do /spawn. You have to die to return to Spawn.

You earn either 200%, 150% or 100% of your stash at the end of the event, depending of your placing. Everyone earns a bonus if the amount of gold transferred between stashes exceeds 100,000g. Placings are determined by the amount of gold in your stash. The players with the 3 largest stashes get 2 renown and 2x their stash, and 20 largest stashes get 1 renown and 1.5x their stash.

Raffle[edit | edit source]

Raffle tickets spawn in various locations of the map (similar to gold ingots). The goal is to collect as many tickets as possible and right click the center box with them. You can get tickets by picking them off the ground or killing players that have tickets. If you try to do /spawn, your tickets will be removed from your inventory instantly.

Using Gold Nano-factory during this event spawns 7 tickets instead of 7 gold ingots.

You earn 1 renown and 1,500 gold if you register 27 tickets. At the end of the event, three random winners for jackpots of gold are drawn. Having more registered tickets increases your chance of winning.

Pizza[edit | edit source]

Pizza Place in the Pizza event
Pizza Place in the Pizza event

Everyone gains speed II for the duration of the event. A pizza place spawns in one of the 4 outer sections of the map. You have to go there to get pizzas and then deliver them to villagers randomly scattered throughout the map. You right click a villager with a pizza in your hand, and the villager will take your pizza and give you 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 dollars. Notably, you can't do /respawn or /spawn.

The money is in your "wallet" until you go back to the pizza place and cash it in, in which case it will be safe. While the money is in your wallet, you will lose all your money upon death and your killer will get the money that you lost. Placings are determined by the amount of money you have cashed in. Top 3 gets 2 renown, top 20 gets 1.

Spire[edit | edit source]

A huge rainbow tower spawns in one of the 4 sections of the map. Note that it always spawns in the exact same spot every time on the same map, though in different maps it will spawn in different spots. At the start of the event, a portal opens up to this structure in mid, and jumping into it will teleport it to the bottom floor.

Killing a player inside this structure will teleport you 1 floor up and dying will teleport you 1 floor down. On Floor 1, you won't get teleported down, and on floor 9 you won't get teleported up. Each floor has its own gear and every sword has the Soulripper enchant, which makes you deal +15% damage per consecutive hit on a player, up to +75%. On kill, you earn a Fractured Soul (4❤️, 3💛, Resistance II (3s)).

Killing a player that is outside the spire while inside will NOT teleport you up a floor. Likewise, clipping into spire with assassin or launcher will not let you get renown from the event. You earn souls by killing other players and lose souls from dying. The goal is to get as many souls as possible. Placings are determined by the number of souls. Players get 1 renown if they reached floor 6 once. Top 3 in souls get 2 renown, top 20 get 1 renown.

Blockhead[edit | edit source]

You are assigned a random block. On kill, your assigned block will explode in a circle.

There are several different power-ups that spawn around the map. Quicktrail gives Speed I (20s) and a trail of your block that follows you around 20s. Combat Boost gives you Resistance I (30s) and larger circle on kill for 20s. Diamond armor gives you diamond helmet, chestplate, and boots, or whatever pieces you are missing if you already have some diamond armor equipped. The armor this power-up gives you will disappear at the end of the event. Super Heal heals you to full and grants 4💛.

Placing is based on how many of your blocks are on the map. Top 15 get 1 renown, while top 5 get 2.

Squads[edit | edit source]

Every player is assigned a squad based on the nearby players. They can also form their own squads by using /squad before the event starts. Banners are randomly spawned around the map. You can capture a banner by standing near it for 5 seconds. If a player from a different squad is also near the banner, the banner will show "Contested!" and you have to kill the other player to capture the banner. Each banner gives a certain amount of points per second. It gives +1 pt/s when first captured, and will give more points the longer it has been captured for, up to +4 pts/s. Killing an enemy player gives +25 pts.

Placing is based on the number of points your squad has. You earn a personal bonus if you get 10 kills and 6 banners. Players in the top 3 squads get 2 renown, and players in the top 7 get 1 renown.

Minor Events[edit | edit source]

King of the Hill (KOTH)[edit | edit source]

KOTH is a diamond block structure spawns in a preset location on the map with a beacon in the center. All players that use that section of the map's slime launcher are sent directly to it. While on the KOTH, you earn 4x gold and XP from kills and assists. KOTH cannot spawn in the center pit section.

2x Rewards[edit | edit source]

2x rewards allow you to earn double gold and XP on kill and assists for being in a specific section of the map. This can either be pit(center of the map) or one of the four quadrants of the map.

Everyone Gets A Bounty![edit | edit source]

Everybody has 100g added to their bounty. Note that there is no cap, which allows AFK players to reach very high bounties. The highest ever seen is 98,600g.

Care Package[edit | edit source]

A care package is dropped from a parachute (chickens) on a preset location on the map. It contains xp bottles (100 XP) and gold ingots (100g). There is a chance for there to be diamond helmets, fresh pants, fresh swords, or fresh bows.

Quick Maths[edit | edit source]

A math question is posted in chat. First five players to solve it get 250 XP and 500g.

Dragon Egg[edit | edit source]

A Dragon Egg spawns in the pit area. Click it for XP and gold. After being clicked 8 times, it teleports to a different location in mid. The event ends after a certain amount of teleports.

Giant Cake[edit | edit source]

In Giant Cake, a giant cake spawns in preset locations. You eat the cake for gold. One cake part can give 1-5g, depending on how many cake parts were eaten before it. In addition, you gain extra gold if you eat the last part of a cake. Cherries (Red Clay) and chocolate chips (Brown Clay) also spawn in the cake and rewards 250g and 100 XP respectively. One adjacent cake must be eaten in order to get the rewards from cherries and chocolate chips.

Auction[edit | edit source]

In Auction, the auctioneer NPC spawns. He will sell 1-3 Funky Feathers, a Mystic Repair Kit, a Philosopher's Cactus, random Tier III mystics, Full Diamond Armor, a Tier I pant with Fractional Reserve, Rare! Paparazzi or Pit MBA. Note that these enchants can only be obtained from Auctions.

KOTL[edit | edit source]

In KOTL, ladders and a green clay structure spawns. These structures vary in size, ranging from a diagonal structure, a rectangle structure or four small rectangles. All players that use that section of the map's slime launcher are sent directly to the bottom. There are several different shapes. The players need to climb the ladders and stand at the top to earn gold. The amount of gold earned is inversely proportional to the number of players at the top of the structure, and the sum of the amount of gold (before it is spread to players) slowly increases along the duration of KOTL.