High Grade Eggs

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High Grade Egg Description
High Grade Egg

High Grade Eggs is an item on the Pit that is only obtainable on the Castle map. It was introduced to the game in the 0.4.1 update. This item is kept on death, so it can be stored in your inventory with no worries.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

High Grade Eggs are obtained in the Forest section of the Castle map. The players need to stand on the red clay line and shoot at any of the targets. Chickens will spawn in the air, feed yummy bread to one of the chickens once they land and you'll get a High Grade Egg. A video example obtaining it can be found here (youtube.com).

Use[edit | edit source]

High Grade Eggs aren't used for anything else besides crafting a Mini Cake for the Kings Quest. They can be thrown but do not inflict any knockback or damage.