Mystic Pants are an leather armor pieces used in the Mystic Well. They can be Fresh or Enchanted and come in many different colors.

Regular Pants[edit | edit source]

This category includes, red, orange, yellow, green and blue pants. The only difference between them is that different items need different color pants to become Tier III. Tier II Swords or Bows need a random ROYGB pant to become Tier III. Tier II pants need a same color pant to become Tier III (red needs red, orange needs orange, etc).

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

They can be found as Mystic drops if the player has Mysticism IV or above, or in care packages. They can also be created with the Heartripper enchantment for Dark Pants. Using a Philosopher Cactus will give the player a pair of fresh pants of the color of their choice. Finally, triggering the Hidden jewel enchantment on sewer pants will give the player a pair of Tier I pants with a random Tier III enchantment.

Use[edit | edit source]

Fresh mystic pants give the same defense as iron leggings, although it seems less in the armor bars. Since they are kept on death, they can always be worn as permanent iron leggings. Beginning at Mysticism IV, they can be used to upgrade mystic swords and mystic bows to Tier III. Beginning at Mysticism IX, they can be enchanted in the Mystic well. If unlocked in the renown shop, they can be stored in a Pants bundle. They are also widely used as a currency and generally fresh go for the price of 12000 gold each.