Pit:Advice for new Editors

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Starting Out[edit source]

If you are a newcomer to working on a wiki, you may want to switch to VisualEditor if you haven't already. In the top right, you will see the following: Editor switcher.png Click on "Visual editing" to switch.

The VisualEditor provides a WYSIWYG editing interface, sort of like Microsoft Word, and will be a lot easier for the new editors to learn. Once you have grasped the ease of use of the VisualEditor, you may want to start getting a bit adventurous and switch back to source editing. The source code, in this case, is Wikitext and HTML. Wikipedia has a great guide on how to use Wikitext. Click here to read that guide.

Headers[edit source]

Headers should be as short as possible. Sentences as headers are not a great idea and can make the article seem poorly written. A good header, for example, is "Obtaining". The header clearly describes that the following content will detail about how to obtain whatever the article is about. "How to obtain x" does not flow as well.

Putting a : at the end of a header is unnecessary.

Links[edit source]

Linking to relevant articles such as events and perks should only be done once. For example:

Armageddon Boots have a custom enchantment called Evil Within which causes the player's hit to ignore Somber. [...] Evil Within is not counted as a Mystic Enchantment and therefore cannot by cancelled by Somber or other Dark Pants enchantments.

The link has been bolded to emphasize this.

Advanced Skills[edit source]

Wikitext is a lot more complicated than what you would be used to if you used VisualEditor. Whilst VisualEditor supports some Wikitext conversion, certain code does not work and you have to use the VisualEditor UI to do it. Again, reading the Wikitext guide will be a great start for you to begin getting into straight Wikitext editing. Source editing allows much more advanced tricks to be pulled off, such as inserting stylesheets, HTML, and complex Wikitext which VisualEditor does not allow you to do.