This page is about Protection I Diamond Armor (often called "prot"), for the mystic enchant go to Protection.

History[edit | edit source]

Protection I diamond armor was added in 0.3. All pieces as well as a sharpness I sword could be obtained through care packages, and leggings could be obtained as a reward from Beast event. When Funky Feather were introduced in 0.4, they became much more valuable since they could be used without the risk of losing them on death.In 0.4.1, the very powerful Dark Pants were introduced. Since the enchantment on the protection pieces isn't a mystic one, it cannot be countered by Somber. The prices of protection I diamond armor the rose again, due the the very high amounts of cheaters using dark pants. Many months later, in 0.4.2, The Archangel Chestplate was added, which provides a 10% damage reduction, therefore making the protection I chestplate less useful. Its price dropped from 1-1.5 Funky Feather to 0.5 Funky Feather. As of 1.0.1, protection I diamond armor is regarded by many as just a fashion and collector item, though it still holds some value and is therefore often sharked from lower prestige players.

Use[edit | edit source]

The vanilla protection enchantment reduces the damage taken by the player by roughly 4% per piece worn. Also, it cannot be countered by Somber, making it a good way of keeping a decent amount of defense against Dark Pants users.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The glow from protection I diamond armor is recreated by the Rare! Nostalgia Dark Pants enchantment, which makes equipped diamond armor glows. It is likely that a player wearing Dark Pants and glowing diamond armor has this enchant. Note that no items glows on Shortly after the 0.4.1 update, a glitch allowed players to combine protection I diamond armor into protection II or III pieces using anvils. In the earlier days of pit, a duplication glitch allowed insane quantities of protection I diamond armor to be made.