Somber on Tier I Dark Pants

Somber is a mystic enchantment that is obtained on 100% of Tier I Dark Pants by enchanting them in the Mystic Well. This enchantment makes you immune to almost all mystics, with a few small exceptions, however, the catch is, you cannot use mystics with it, also with exceptions. In general, somber is a great tool to fight players whose main fighting style is to go in with very powerful mystics

History[edit | edit source]

Somber was added to the Pit in update 0.4.1, along with dark pants and all of their other enchantments. A few days before update 0.4.2 was released, Somber, like all the other dark enchants was changed to now require the user to have the Heresy renown perk unlocked. In Update 1.0.0, an exploit that allowed players to grind 300,000g per hour and get over 100,000 damage in Rage pit was patched and dark pants were made as strong as leather, down from chain.

Exceptions[edit | edit source]

As stated above, there are some mystic enchants that can affect players wearing somber as well as some that can be used WITH somber.

The following things will still have an effect against somber[1].

  • The explosion damage as well as the knockback from TNT
  • The knockback from martyrdom creeper explosions
  • Pullbow 2-3 when used on nearby players and not the somber user
  • Critically Rich and Strike Gold both will still grant the user gold even if striking a player with somber
  • Mega Long Bow's fully drawn arrows will deal their full damage against somber wearers
  • The only mystic that can be used with somber is Trash Panda
  1. This is true as of the 0.4.1 update, some of them 100% work in 1.0.0 as well as 1.0.1, however, not all of these have been tested to work in 1.0.1