Top to bottom: The large coral in the center of the map; the spawn of the Corals map.
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The Corals, or Abyss map, is a map in the Hypixel Pit. With its bright, colorful structures, it is one of the most diverse and vibrant maps in the game. It was the third map to be released, published on August 19th, 2018 in The Pit 0.3.8. The Corals map appears after the Castle map and before the Genesis map in the map rotation.

The map has four quadrants; images of these are shown below.





There are seven signs located around the map, each with one of the letters R, A, I, N, B, O, or W on them. However, in an update in January 2022, several barriers and blocks were added to the map, restricting access to several of the signs.