Top to bottom: The castle; the spawn of the Castle map.
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The Castle (or King's) map is a map in the Hypixel Pit. It was the fourth map to be released, published on May 22nd, 2019 in The Pit 0.4.1. The Castle map appears after the Elements map and before the Corals map in the map rotation.
The Castle map has several unique features, including the sewers and the King's Quest.

The map has four quadrants; images of these are shown below.


The City area of the map houses the sewers, where multiple unique items can be obtained.

NameDescriptionHow to obtain
Sewer RubbishCan trade 64 with the Sewerfish to receive Fresh Sewer Pants.Sewer Treasure
Sewer BlockDark prismarine bricks. Can also be placed in the Sewers.Sewer Treasure
Annoying Sewer BlockSoul sand. Can also be placed in the Sewers.Sewer Treasure
Radioactive BootsLeather boots. No special effects. Unlike most leather items, Radioactive Boots are lost on death.Sewer Treasure
Milk BucketCan be used to create Mini Cakes or consumed to grant Regeneration I (2:00).Sewer Treasure
Sewer PantsCan be enchanted in the Mystic Well.
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Sewer Treasure


The Port area of the map has no special features, except for a coal block which mysteriously can be right-clicked to ignite it, or left-clicked to put it out. Some melons can be found on a ship.

NameDescriptionHow to obtain
Sugar ExtractCan be used to create Mini Cake.Breaking melons using an axe.


The Forest area of the map features several ziplines, which can be stood next to in order to ride to the zipline's destination. There is also a fenced-off area containing several targets and a red clay line. Standing on the red line and shooting the target will release chickens.

NameDescriptionHow to obtain
High-Grade EggCan be used to create Mini Cake or thrown.Feeding Yummy Bread to target chickens
Raw ChickenCan be cooked in a Farm furnace to make Marvelous Chicken. Cannot be eaten raw.Rare drop from killing target chickens


The Farms area contains large wheat fields. Players can harvest wheat from them, and can use nearby furnaces and crafting tables to process them. The furnaces can also be used to create Marvelous Chicken.

NameDescriptionHow to obtain
WheatCan be used to create Packaged Bales and Yummy Bread.Harvesting fully-grown wheat in the farms
Packaged BaleCan be used to create Mini Cake, or placed.Right-clicking on a crafting table while having more than 64 wheat. All full stacks of wheat in the player's inventory will be converted to bales. Kept on death. Crafting tables can be found in a water mill at (103, 76, 9).
Sugar ExtractCan be used to create Mini Cake.Breaking melons using an axe.
Yummy BreadCan be fed to target chickens to obtain High-Grade Egg, or eaten to grant 1♥︎ Instant Health, Regeneration III (0:03.6), and 2♥︎ absorption.Right-clicking a furnace with 64 wheat and waiting 10 seconds. Furnaces can be found in a barn at (55, 78, −87).
Marvelous ChickenCan be consumed, granting Speed I (0:50) and a 10% damage reduction for 50 seconds. 2 minute cooldown on gaining effects.Right-clicking a furnace with Raw Chicken and waiting 12 seconds.

Additionally, an item called the Cherry can be obtained rarely from kills anywhere.

NameDescriptionHow to obtain
CherryCan be used to create Mini Cake. Cannot be eaten. Kept on death.Very rare drop from killing players anywhere on the Castle map

The Castle map contains many secret areas.

The disco floor.
Disco Room
In the water below the largest ship in the Port quadrant, there is a gap in the water located at (−19, 62, 103). Opening the trapdoor and descending the ladder beneath reveals a room with a rainbow-colored floor and two large speakers. A stand is in the back of the room with a record player.

The golden whale.
Golden Whale
Behind a stack of hay bales in the Farms quadrant at (38, 76, −64), a descending ladder leads to a small room with a table and a chair (consisting of a door and trapdoors). Opening the door reveals another hidden ladder. Descending it leads to a whale made of gold blocks. The whale is partially submerged in water, making the room a viable fishing spot.