Sewer Pants
Used in the Mystic Well
Bypasses Mysticism
Looks horrible and reeks
Color #7dc383
Sewer Pants
From the Hypixel Pit Wiki

Sewer Pants are special types of Mystic Pants. They can be found rarely in chests in the sewers in the Castle map, or obtained from trading 64 Sewer Rubbish with the Sewerfish in the sewers.

Sewer Pants function differently from Fresh Pants. Upgrading Sewer Pants to tier I requires 250 gold, at which point it will receive 10 or 20 (30 or 40 if the enchant was RARE! Trash Panda) lives and a random Sewer enchant.

Unlike standard colors of Mystic Pants, Sewer Pants only require Mysticism I to be enchanted.

The list of possible Sewer enchants is as follows:

AegisGain a magic shield around yourself every 9 seconds. Shields mitigate the effects (damage, knockback) of one attack. Applies after Bonk.
Hidden JewelIf 117 players are killed while wearing these pants without dying, these pants turn into Tier I Mystic Pants of a standard color with 2–4 lives and a random Tier III enchant. Enchantment is chosen from every pants enchantment that can be obtained in the Mystic Well, including tier II and rare enchantments.
WormWhile in the sewers, gain permanent Speed I and +20% XP from kills.
RARE! Trash PandaWhile wearing, respawn in the sewers on death. Hold and right-click to access spawn menus from anywhere. When Sewer Pants gain this enchant on upgrade, their lives are set to 30 or 40. Cannot be used while Magnum Opus is equipped, the user has an active Megastreak, or a Major Event is active.


Pants created with Hidden Jewel have significantly more potential than typical Mystic Pants, as they start with more mystic tokens than usual and can have enchantments not normally obtainable at tier I.