The description of Magnum Opus as it appears in game.
Magnum Opus
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Magnum Opus is a megastreak in the Hypixel Pit. It is the fifth megastreak unlocked chronologically and the fourth purchasable megastreak. Unlocked in the Magnum Opus Bundle at prestige X (60 renown), it is a killstreak that triggers on 50 kills. Magnum Opus can be used at level 70 and costs 40,000g to unlock. The Magnum Opus megastreak, unlike other megastreaks, does not grant the player positive effects.

Upon activating the Magnum Opus megastreak, the player immediately dies. A non-damaging explosion appears at their death point, scattering a number of gold ingots nearby.

After the player dies, they will receive 1 renown. If there is an item present in the Mystic Well that does not have its maximum lives, it will be repaired for up to 4 lives, expending one Chunk of Vile per life repaired in the process. If the item had a Totally Legit Gem applied, it will consume 2 viles per life instead.

The Magnum Opus Bundle also contains three killstreaks – Leech, Assured Strike, and Apostle to RNGesus.

The Magnum Opus is agreed to be the easiest way to repair mystic items and earn renown outside of major events.


Prior to the Tryhard Patch, the Magnum Opus megastreak was named Grand Finale, required 100 kills to activate, and did not repair mystic items.
If Apostle to RNGesus and Magnum Opus are activated at the same time at 50 kills, any items from Apostle to RNGesus will be received in spawn, with the exception of the RNGesus helmet.