The megastreak selection GUI.
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Megastreaks are statuses that trigger upon reaching a certain amount of kills. When a megastreak activates, it usually immense benefits for the rest of a player's life. However, megastreaks have major negative effects to prevent players from reaching excessively high killstreaks. Being on a megastreak also disables certain commands that allow the player to safely return to spawn. All megastreaks have an on-death effect to compensate for this.

Players may only have one megastreak active at once.

By default, players have one megastreak – Overdrive. It is enabled by default and cannot be disabled unless the player purchases and selects a different megastreak.

In addition to Overdrive, six megastreaks can be unlocked by purchasing them in the renown shop.

NameRequirementsRenown CostGold Cost
BeastmodePrestige III / level 3010 renown10,000g
HermitPrestige IV / level 5020 renown20,000g
HighlanderPrestige VII / level 6040 renown40,000g
Magnum OpusPrestige X / level 7060 renown40,000g
To the MoonPrestige XIV / level 80150 renown50,000g
UberstreakPrestige XX / level 9050 renown50,000g