A player on an Uberstreak.
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Uberstreak is a megastreak in the Hypixel Pit. It is the seventh megastreak unlocked chronologically and the sixth purchasable megastreak. It can be purchased in the Renown Shop for 50 renown at Prestige XX and can be activated in the shop for 50,000g. It activates upon the player reaching 100 kills.
While the megastreak is active, the Uberstreak megastreak has one perk:
  • Gain +50% chance to find mystic items from kills.
As players earn kills during an Uberstreak, their ability to get kills and stay alive becomes progressively worse.
  • Every 100 kills, the player takes +10% damage from all sources.
  • At 100 kills, activate Uberstreak. Deal −40% damage to players with no prestige.
  • At 200 kills, lose 2♥︎ max health.
  • At 300 kills, potion effects last half as long as they normally do.
  • At 400 kills, lose the ability to heal.
After the player dies, if they had at least 400 kills, they will receive an Uberdrop.

Uberdrops can contain:
Unlike most megastreaks, there is a limit to rewards earned from Uberstreak. Players may only earn an Uberdrop four times in a 24-hour period. While the first daily Uberdrop is free, the second, third, and fourth ones cost 5, 10, and 15 renown respectively. After the fourth daily Uberdrop, players will no longer receive Uberdrops until the next day. The limit resets 24 hours after the first Uberstreak is completed.

Unlike other megastreaks, no other killstreaks are bundled with Uberstreak.

While Uberdrops are extremely difficult to obtain, their high value causes many players to attempt Uberstreaks.