Funky Feather
Special item
Protects your inventory but gets
consumed on death if in your
Funky Feather
From the Hypixel Pit Wiki

Funky Feathers, commonly referred to as "feathers," are items used for protecting players' inventories.

1–5 Funky Feathers can be obtained from auctions. 1–3 Funky Feathers can also be obtained from completing an Uberstreak.

If a player dies with a Funky Feather in their hotbar, their inventory will be protected. Items from the item shop are not removed and mystic items do not lose lives. The feather is consumed on death.

If the feather is in the player's inventory but not in their hotbar, it will be kept on death, but it will not protect their inventory.

Feathers apply after the Divine Intervention renown upgrade. If it were to activate, a feather will not be consumed on death.