The item shop GUI with no items from the renown shop unlocked.
Item Shop
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The Item Shop is a shop in the spawn area of The Pit. Various items, typically to assist the player in combat, can be purchased from it. Every item, with the exception of the Pants Bundle, is lost on death.

By default, the following items can be purchased from the Item Shop:

NameGold CostDescription
Diamond Sword150gA diamond sword. Deals +20% damage to players who have a bounty.
Obsidian40g8 obsidian. Can be placed anywhere except in spawn and the Sewers. Despawns after 120 seconds by default.
Diamond Chestplate500gA diamond chestplate.
Diamond Boots300gA pair of diamond boots.
Golden Pickaxe500gA golden pickaxe. When hitting an obsidian block twice, destroy it and up to four connected obsidian blocks above it.

In addition to the default items, nine items can be added to the Item Shop by unlocking them in the Renown Shop.
NamePrestige RequiredRenown CostGold CostDescription
Iron PackPrestige I5 renown100gAn iron chestplate, leggings, and boots.
Obsidian StackPrestige II5 renown240gA stack of 64 obsidian. 25% cheaper than from the default shop unlock. Can be placed anywhere except in spawn. Despawns after 120 seconds.
Combat SpadePrestige III10 renown750gA diamond shovel that deals the same base damage as a diamond sword. Deals +0.5♥︎ per diamond armor piece the target is wearing.
Diamond LeggingsPrestige III20 renown1,200gA pair of diamond leggings.
Bounty SolventPrestige IV10 renown750gA potion. When drank, grants the Bounty Solvent effect (1:00). Effect time remaining can be viewed in the sidebar. While the effect is active, take 30% less damage from players with a 1,000g bounty or greater, and earn +50% gold from claimed bounties.
First-Aid EggPrestige V15 renown200gA mooshroom egg. When right-clicked, heal 2.5♥︎ but lose the Speed effect (if applicable). 30 second cooldown, minus 5 for every player killed during the cooldown. While on cooldown, appears as a skeleton egg.
Jump Boost IVPrestige VII20 renown150gA potion. When drank, grants Jump Boost IV (0:30), allowing players to jump 4.2 blocks high.
Tactical InsertionPrestige VIII20 renown100gA blaze rod. When right-clicked, the spawn point for your next death only is set to your current location. 60 second cooldown.
Pants BundlePrestige XII20 renown50gA minecart. When right-clicked, stores the first 10 Fresh Pants in your inventory inside it. Kept on death.

The Autobuy upgrade in the renown shop allows users to automatically purchase items when respawning. While a player has the upgrade, they may right-click an item in the shop to toggle Autobuy for that item, causing the item to appear enchanted in the shop. When the player dies, one of the item will automatically be purchased for them.

If the player does not have enough gold to autobuy an item, a message stating AUTOFAIL! Couldn't afford (item)! will appear in chat and the transaction will not be completed.