A player with a 100g bounty.
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Bounties are statuses added to players randomly after they reach a killstreak of six or greater. Bounties consist of an amount of gold that is displayed above and around the player with floating numbers. On kill, a player has a chance to have a bounty placed on them, or if they already have one, for it to be increased (referred to as "bounty bumping"). Bounties increase by multiples of 50, up to 300g at a time. When a bountied player is killed, their killer claims the value of the bounty. Players lose their bounties after being killed.

The higher a player's killstreak, the higher their initial bounty will be, and the higher their bounty bumps will be. Additionally, players will receive bounty bumps more frequently if they kill players in quick succession.

The maximum bounty a player can normally have is 5,000g. This can be increased by to 10,000g with the Highlander megastreak. Every 1,000g in the player's bounty extends their combat timer by 5 seconds, up to an additional 25 seconds (5,000g) or up to 50 seconds (10,000g) with the Highlander megastreak. It's unknown if higher bounties can further extend the combat timer.

The amount of gold claimed from a bounty can be increased by 50% using a Bounty Solvent. Additionally, players using the Bounty Hunter perk earn assist shares of bounties.

With the Genesis tier V faction perk, your bounty bumps are increased by 50%.


The Golden Handcuffs dark mystic, after claiming a bounty, grants a fraction of the gold to all players on the server. The claimer keeps the original value of the bounty.

The Everyone Gets a Bounty event allows players to bypass the maximum bounty limit.

Players can claim their own 5,000g bounties with Mystic Pants enchanted with Self-checkout.