Perks are a core gameplay feature of The Pit. In Spawn, at the Upgrades Villager, you can edit your currently selected perks.

Name Description Prestige Unlocked At Renown Cost Gold Cost
Golden Heads Golden apples you earn turn into golden heads - insta-eat golden apples. They grant Speed I for 8 seconds, Regeneration II for 5 seconds(2❤️ total), and 3❤️ absorption. 0 0 500g
Fishing Rod Spawn with an unbreakable fishing rod. 0 0 1000g
Lava Bucket Spawn with a lava bucket. 0 0 1000g
Strength Chaining Every kill gives you +8% damage, stacking five times up to +40% damage. You have 7 seconds of strength, in which you must get another kill or your strength resets. 0 0 2000g
Safety First Spawn with a chain helmet, granting -8% damage. 0 0 3000g
Lucky Diamond 30% chance for dropped armor pieces to become diamond. Cannot earn diamond helmets from this perk, and dropped pieces cannot be placed in the ender chest. 0 0 4000g
Endless Quiver Earn 3 arrows on arrow hit. 0 0 2000g
Gladiator Recieve -3% damage per nearby player, up to -30%. 0 0 4000g
Mineman Spawn with 24 cobblestone and an Efficiency IV diamond pickaxe. Gain 3 blocks of cobblestone on a kill. 0 0 3000g
Bounty Hunter Earn +4g on kill. +1% damage/100 bounty on your target. Earn bounty assist shares. 0 0 2000g
Trickle Down Earn +10g and heal 2❤️ when picking up ingots from the ground. Makes ingots spawn near you. 0 0 1000g
Spammer Earn +2g from assists. Earn 2x gold from targets you have shot an arrow into. 0 0 4000g
Streaker Earn 3x streak XP bonus. 0 0 8000g
Vampire Don't earn golden apples. Heal 1 HP on hit. Heal 3 HP on arrow crit. Gain Regeneration I (8s) on kill. 0 0 4000g
Overheal Double item healing limits (can hold 4 golden healds/apples instead of 2, etc). 1 10 8000g
Barbarian Spawn with an iron axe instead of an iron sword. Replace diamond sword with diamond axe in the shop. The axe does 1 more attack damage than it's sword counterpart. 2 10 3000g
Dirty Gain Resistance II (4s) on kill. 2 15 8000g
Rambo 8❤️ max health, refill all health on kill. 3 15 6000g
Olympus Gain an Olympus Potion instead of golden apple on kill. Olympus Potion grants Regeneration III (10s), Resistance II (4s), Speed I (24s), and 27 XP on drink. 4 20 8000g
Assistant (to the) Streaker Assists count their participation towards your streak. For example: 30% assist = 0.3 streak. 5 15 8000g
First Strike First strike on a player does +35% damage and grant Speed I (5s). 5 25 8000g
Marathon Cannot wear boots. While you have speed: deal +18% damage and receive -18% damage. 6 20 8000g
Co-op Cat Earn +50% XP and +50% g from assists. 6 20 6000g
Soup Instead of golden apples, earn Tasty Soup on kill and Assist Soup on assist. Can hold up to 4 soups at once. Soups are instant eat. Tasty Soup grants Speed I (7s), 1.5❤️heal, and 1❤️absorption, and next melee hit does +15% damage. Assist Soup gives Regeneration II (5s). 7 30 8000g
Recon Every 4th arrow hit grants +40 XP and deals +50% damage. 7 20 6000g
Conglomerate Don't earn XP on kills. The XP you would have earned is converted to gold at a 5:1 ratio. 8 40 20000g
Kung Fu Knowledge You do no damage with swords. Fists do 7.4 damage. Every 4th strike on a player grants Speed II (5s). 9 40 10000g
Thick You have +2 max❤️. 11 45 10000g