A player reaching level 120, the maximum level in each prestige.
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Levels are arguably the most important aspect of The Pit. Leveling up unlocks new features, perks, upgrades, and commands. A player's XP determines what level they have.

New abilities are unlocked when a player levels up. Purchasing passives and perks is unlocked at level 10. A player's ender chest is unlocked permanently at level 15. Contracts can be started at level 30, trading is unlocked at level 60, viewing players with /view is unlocked at level 70, and prestiging is unlocked at level 120.

A demonstration of every prestige and level color.

A player's level can be seen by the number that is inside of their brackets visible in the tab list and chat. In The Pit's tab list, players are sorted by their level, not prestige. A player's level determines the color of this number – starting at gray for levels 1 to 9, this color cycles through the rainbow in reverse order, changing color every ten levels. Additionally, the number becomes bold at level 60 and above.

LevelBase XP to Level Up
1 – 915
10 – 1930
20 – 2950
30 – 3975
40 – 49125
50 – 59300
60 – 69600
70 – 79800
80 – 89900
90 – 991,000
100 – 1091,200
110 – 1191,500
120Max level!

The XP that a player needs to level up is determined by the player's level's base XP (see table above) multiplied by their prestiges's multiplier (found in the XP Leveling Table on the Prestige page), rounded up to the nearest XP. For example, a player with prestige XV and level 102 would need 9 × 1,200 = 10,800 XP to level up to level 103.


A player is halfway through a prestige upon reaching level 94.

Despite 24 being numerically one-fifth of 120, level 24 is only approximately 1% of the way to level 120.

In the Prototype version of The Pit, the maximum achievable level was 100, requiring 1,000,000 XP (prestige IX today). This was changed in The Pit 0.2.