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Commands are ways players can modify aspects of their game. This article lists useful commands for Pit players.

Instantly teleport to spawn. Cannot be used in combat or while on a megastreak. Shares a 10 second cooldown with /oof.
/oofInstantly die (dealt as 500,000♥︎ of damage). All effects that would occur on a normal death still occur. Shares a 10 second cooldown with /spawn.
/trade [username]Sends a trade request to the player inputted. Trades can contain up to eight items and 50,000g. Players are limited to 25 trades and 50,000 traded gold daily. Unlocks at level 60.
/tradelimitsDisplays the player's daily trade limits.
/offer [username] [gold]Sends a trade offer of the item you are holding to the inputted username for a specific amount of gold. The recipient has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Offers count towards trade limits. Unlocks at level 60.
/pitchatOpens a GUI to toggle certain messages in the game's chat. From left-to-right, the player has the option to toggle chat messages for bounties, killstreaks, prestiges, minor events, their kill feed, player chat, and miscellaneous (such as tips, notes, gold pickups, and participation XP). Unlocks at level 5.
/view [username]
/blue [username]
Opens a GUI displaying stats on the selected player. Stats include the player's level, gold, hours played, renown, armor, inventory, ender chest, selected killstreaks, and perks. Cannot /view nicked players, game masters, or admins. Unlocks permanently at level 70.
/view can also be triggered by sneaking and right-clicking on a player.
/pickupstashTransfers items from the player's stash to their inventory.
/play pitWarps the player into a random Pit lobby. On occasion, this will be the lobby the player is currently in. Changing lobbies resets the player's killstreak. If used while in combat, die and lose 3 lives on all mystic items.
/lobbyWarps the player into the main Hypixel lobby. This resets the player's killstreak. If used while in combat, die and lose 3 lives on all mystic items.
/dropconfirm [on/off]Turns the confirmation before dropping on or off. Dropconfirm prevents dropping mystic items, Chunks of Vile, Funky Feathers, and Philosopher's Cacti without pressing the "drop" button three times.
/showDisplays, in chat, the player's held item. 2-minute cooldown, but can be bypassed with 10,000g.
Requires Pit Supporter.
/eventsDisplays a GUI containing the next 54 major events and the minor events between them.
Requires Pit Supporter.
/squad [username/leave]Allows players to invite others to their squad in the Squads event. Upon running the command, a squad invitation is sent to the recipient, which they can either accept or ignore. Typing /squad leave ejects the player from the squad they are currently in. Typing just /squad displays the members of the squad the player is currently in.
Requires an active Squads event to use.
/coolDisplays, in chat, a list of players in the user's lobby with prestige IV or greater. List is sorted by XP, from highest to lowest.
Requires the prestige X renown upgrade Cool Conclave.
/creditDisplays a message that the player helped create the current ongoing major or minor event.
Requires the player to have helped create an event in The Pit 0.4.


The /view command's alias, /blue, was translated into a variety of languages. Commands that mimic it include /azul (Spanish), /蓝 (Chinese), and /μπλε (Greek).