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The stash is an emergency storage feature bound to every individual player.

In most events where a player would normally lose an item through a forced means, the item will be sent to the player's stash. Upon changing lobbies, players will be reminded if there are items in their stash. Players may recover items from their stash using the /pickupstash command, or by clicking the reminder message, which will return as many of the earliest stashed items as their inventory will allow.

Items may be sent to the stash under the following conditions:

Additionally, a special stash is created if the player enters the Spire event. This stash records the location of each item in the player's inventory and the armor they were wearing, which will be returned to their respective slots instead of the first available slots in the player's inventory when the event ends. If the player is not present in the server at the event's end, all items in the Spire stash will be sent to the player's normal stash.

The stash is assumed to be able to store as many items as can fit in an integer limit byte array (2,147,483,647 bytes). Perk items cannot be added to the stash. Instead of entering the stash, these types of items are deleted permanently. Items from mystic enchantments such as Instaboom TNT may be added to the stash, but will be deleted if the player attempts to pick them up without pants of the respective enchantment.

Mystic items that are in the stash still lose lives on the player's death, and are cleared from the stash if they break.


Due to the limited inventory space present in The Pit, some players use the stash to store excess items.