Chunk of Vile
Kept on death
Heretic artifact
Chunk of Vile
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Chunks of Vile, commonly referred to as "vile," are items in The Pit that are used to create special types of Mystic Pants and repair mystic items.

3–6 Chunks of Vile can be obtained from Auctions. With the Heresy renown upgrade, 1 Chunk of Vile will be rewarded for completing Night Quests, and 0–2 vile can be obtained from completing Big Time Contracts. 3 Chunks of Vile can also be obtained as a rare drop from the Apostle to RNGesus killstreak.

With the Heresy renown upgrade unlocked at prestige VI, 5 Chunks of Vile and 2 renown can be used to create Fresh Dark Pants. Crafting Fresh Dark Pants costs 1 less vile for every additional level of Heresy the player has unlocked (with a minimum of 3 at Heresy III). With the Pure Rage renown upgrade unlocked at prestige IX, Fresh Rage Pants can also be crafted using 17 Chunks of Vile.

Additionally, the Magnum Opus megastreak will consume Chunks of Vile to repair up to four lives on a mystic item. One Chunk of Vile will be expended for every life repaired, unless the item has had a Totally Legit Gem applied, in which case two will be consumed per life.

Due to the high demand for vile, it is commonly used as currency in trading because of the gold trading limits.


The "Do Your Own Carpentry" renown upgrade increases the chance to offer Chunks of Vile from contracts and guarantees 2 Chunks of Vile from contracts that offer at least 1.