Dark Pants
Enchants require Heresy
Tier I bypasses Mysticism
Edgy fashion
Color #000000
Dark Pants
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Dark Pants are special types of Mystic Pants designed to counter Mysticism. Fresh Dark Pants can be crafted for 5 Chunks of Vile and 2 renown at night if the user has at least one tier of the prestige VI renown upgrade Heresy. Every extra tier of Heresy the player has reduces the vile cost of Dark Pants by 1 Chunk of Vile, with a minimum of 3 chunks at Heresy III. Dark Pants are as strong as leather pants.

Dark Pants function differently from Fresh Pants. Upgrading Dark Pants to tier I requires 10,000g and Heresy I, but unlike typical Mystic Pants, it requires Mysticism I instead of Mysticism IX. Tier I Dark Pants will always be enchanted with Somber and have 5–20 lives.

Dark Pants' enchantments only have an effect if the user has at least one tier of Heresy.

SomberYou are unaffected by mystical enchantments. You cannot use mystical enchantments.

To upgrade to tier II, the player must have Mysticism IX, Heresy III, and 60,000g, at which point the pants will gain a random multiple of 5 lives and one random additional Dark enchant.

Dark Pants enchantments typically are very strong, but have a negative effect to the user to compensate.

The list of Dark enchants is as follows. Enchants marked as RARE! have a much lower occurence rate than others.

Grim ReaperIf a player dies within 10 blocks, deal 2♥︎ to them and earn that damage as an assist on their death. Earn −80% gold and XP from kills.
Hedge FundEarn +6g from kills. Earn +66g instead if the target was wearing enchanted Mystic Pants of any type. Lose 50g when dying.
LycanthropyAt nighttime, gain permanent Speed I, Regeneration II and earn +10% gold and +10% XP. The day after you wear these pants, you cannot gain the Speed effect.
Mind AssaultDeal −60% damage. After this debuff is applied, deal +0.75♥︎ more damage per player wearing leather armor within 12 blocks (including yourself). Max of +8♥︎.
MiseryIf your target is wearing leather pants, deal +0.5♥︎ of true damage to them on all your hits. Take 0.3♥︎ true damage on all hits received.
Needless SufferingRespawn with 30♥︎ of Absorption. Cannot heal by any method. Must be killed by another player once while wearing these pants to gain Absorption.
SanguisugeHeal 0.5♥︎ when hitting a player who is wearing leather armor (2s cooldown). Heal 1♥︎ instead if the Vampire perk is equipped. The Regeneration effect has no effect on the user.
SpiteDeal +20% damage to players wearing leather armor but take +5% damage from them.
RARE! Combo: VenomEvery third hit poisons the target for 12 seconds and yourself for 24 seconds. Poison does not deal damage. While poisoned, players receive the Somber effect.
RARE! Golden HandcuffsWhen the user claims a bounty, 4× the bounty is shared between all players on the server. Requires 30 players in the server to activate.
RARE! HeartripperEvery life removed from a mystic through killing while wearing these pants grants these pants +1 bloodshard. Earning 27 bloodshards grants 1 pair of Fresh Pants of a random standard color. Consume 2 lives of this item when generating Fresh Pants. When Dark Pants gain this enchant on upgrade, their max lives do not increase.
RARE! NostalgiaTake −10% damage. Diamond armor worn glows as if enchanted.

If Dark Pants have 100 lives or more, their name changes to Evil Pants.