From top to bottom: The care package with no players around; players opening the care package.
Care Package
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Care Package is a minor event in the Hypixel Pit. When the event is announced, a chest will fall from the sky in a random quadrant. When it lands, players will be able to open the chest by left- and right-clicking. After the package has been clicked 200 times, it will be able to be opened by right-clicking it. Any player will be able to open the package, regardless of how many clicks they contributed. The care package despawns and the event ends after all items are taken out of it or three minutes passes since it spawned.

The following items can be found in care packages:

Care packages will always contain one mystic item and at least 3 other items.


Prior to the 0.3.5 update, diamond armor enchanted with the vanilla Protection I enchant and diamond swords enchanted with Sharpness I were obtainable from care packages.

When the care package spawns, it is carried by several chickens attached with leads. By shooting the chickens as they fall, players can obtain raw chicken, feathers, and leads. All three items are cosmetic.

Rarely, the care package may not disappear after it has been looted, and will function as a normal chest until it despawns after 3 minutes.

Items cannot be placed into the care package, being returned to the player 2 ticks (0.1 seconds) after they attempt this. However, the item may be taken by another player in the 2 tick window.