Philosopher's Cactus
Special item
Right-click while holding this item to summon Fresh Pants of your choice.
(Special pants excluded)
Philosopher's Cactus
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The Philosopher's Cactus is an item used to create Fresh Pants. They can be obtained through auctions, trading, and Uberdrops.

Right-clicking a Philosopher's Cactus opens a menu that allows the user to select a standard color of Fresh Mystic Pants. Special pants, such as Dark Pants and Aqua Pants, cannot be obtained from the Philosopher's Cactus. Upon selection, a message appears in chat stating that "THE CACTUS HAS SPOKEN!" and the player will receive the selected color of pants. 64 Philosopher's Cacti can be stored in one inventory or ender chest slot, making them a very compact way to store Fresh Pants.


Despite not being stated in the item's description, Philosopher's Cacti are kept on death.
To save time when typing, "Philosopher's Cactus" is commonly abbreviated as "philo" by the community.