Aqua Pants
Used in the mystic well
Bypasses Mysticism
Aqua obtained from fishing!
Color #55ffff
Aqua Pants
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Aqua Pants are special types of Mystic Pants. Fresh Aqua Pants can be caught rarely while fishing if the user has the Fishing Club renown upgrade at tier V, requiring prestige VII. Most of their possible enchantments assist the player while fishing.

Aqua Pants function differently from other types of Mystic Pants. They can only be upgraded to tier I, costing 5,000g, at which point they will have 5 lives, the Club Rod enchantment, and a random Aqua enchant. The Club Rod enchant grants the user a fishing rod while worn.

Unlike standard colors of Mystic Pants, Aqua Pants only require Mysticism I to be enchanted.

The list of Aqua enchants is as follows:

Club RodSpawn with a fishing rod.
GrandmasterFishing rod hooks deal 0.5♥︎ of true damage.
Luck of the PondCatch items 10% faster.
Portable PondSpawn with a water bucket. Can be used 4 times before becoming empty. You cannot pick up water using the empty bucket.
RodbackFishing rod hooks deal increased knockback.
RogueDeal +25% damage and take −10% damage from players who are wearing Aqua Pants.
Tough CrewReceive −15% damage if there are at least 3 players wearing Aqua Pants near you.
TrophyWhen catching gold ingots, catch two more.
UniteYou cannot make contact with players wearing Aqua Pants.
RARE! StereoPlay a random Hypixel note block song to all players nearby while worn.

The chance to catch Aqua Pants is unknown but is much lower than other fishing drops.


Before a patch in late April 2020, Combo enchants could be used with Unite to activate them without a cooldown. This interaction led to exploits with the Combo: XP enchant, allowing players to gain XP extremely quickly.