The text that displays when a major event is announced.
Major Event
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Major Events are large-scale events that last for several minutes. Ranging from four to five minutes long, they typically occur every sixty minutes, but they can appear as early as forty minutes to as late as two hours.

Typical gameplay is halted during major events. All contracts are paused, the Devil Chicks, Explosive, and TNT enchantments are disabled, and in some events, large sections of the map will be inaccessable until the event ends.

Major events have the potential to reward users with gold, XP, and renown. Currently, nine exist.

Major events only occur in a lobby with 20 players or more.

When a major event starts, killstreaks over 20 are paused. Killstreaks lower than 20 are reset to 0. When the event ends, players whose killstreaks were paused will be teleported to spawn and will have 30 seconds to leave spawn or their killstreak will be reset. During these 30 seconds, they will be unable to change perks or killstreaks. If the player participated in Spire, their streak will be reset regardless of the length.


Major events do not occur equally. In a sample size of 972 major events, the distribution was the following:

On the Genesis map with the tier V faction perk, an extra renown is earned when earning renown from a major event.

The Paparazzi Mystic Pants enchantment allows the player to gain up to +150% renown from a major event.