A gold nugget; used in the /events GUI to display the Robbery event.
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Robbery is a major event in the Hypixel Pit. Like all major events, when it occurs, 3 minutes advance warning is given. Robbery lasts for 4 minutes.
When a Robbery event starts, players are given a stash of 100g. If a player joins during a robbery event, they will start with no gold in their stash. Hitting a player steals gold from their stash. The more damage was dealt, and the larger the target's stash was, the more will be taken, up to 50g. Killing a player takes their entire stash. Placement is determined by how large players' stashes are at the end of the event.

The maximum stash is 10,000g.

During Robbery, the following gameplay changes take effect:
  • On death, players lose 75% of their stash.
  • Rarely, golden nuggets spawn on the ground. Picking them up adds 50g to a player's stash.
  • The /spawn command is disabled.
The following rewards can be also obtained during Robbery:

Additional rewards that players can earn during Robbery:

  • 500 gold if at least 100,000 stash gold was transferred between players during the event