The box that appears in the center of the pit.
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Raffle is a major event in the Hypixel Pit. Like all major events, when it occurs, 3 minutes advance warning is given. Raffle lasts for 5 minutes.

When Raffle starts, a large box appears in the center of the pit. Raffle Tickets (name tags) also begin generating around the map. Tickets can be picked up and deposited into the box in the center.

During Raffle, the following gameplay changes take effect:

The following rewards can be obtained during Raffle:


Prior to the 1.0.5 update, Gold Nano-factory could be used prior to a raffle and the golden ingots would turn into tickets. This could be used to deposit absurdly high numbers of tickets in a single event.
Raffle is the event with the least obtainable renown, as a maximum of only 1 can be obtained during the event.
On the release of the Genesis map, the raffle box would generate in the spawn area. This was quickly patched.