Players fighting in the Rage Pit arena.
Rage Pit
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Rage Pit is a major event in the Hypixel Pit. Like all major events, when it occurs, 3 minutes advance warning is given. Rage Pit lasts for 4 minutes.

When a Rage Pit starts, glass walls appear restricting access to all areas except the center. Players' placement during the event is determined by how much damage they dealt to other players during the event.

During Rage Pit, the following gameplay changes take effect:

The following rewards can be obtained based on players' placements during Rage Pit:

Additional rewards that players can earn during Rage Pit:


Prior to a patch in early 2021, the Devil Chicks mystic could be used to deal an absurd amount of damage during the Rage Pit event.

The Deal with the Devil III enchant, prior to its removal, would increase damage dealt in Rage Pit by 10% while worn.