A splatter of blocks.
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Blockhead is a major event in the Hypixel Pit. Like all major events, before it occurs, 3 minutes of advance warning is given. Blockhead lasts for 5 minutes.

When a Blockhead starts, players are randomly assigned a unique block. Killing players splatters the block around the area they died. If players gained assists for a kill, their blocks will be contained within the splatter based on their assist percentage. Players' placement during the event is determined by how many of their blocks are on the map at the end of the event.

During Blockhead, the following gameplay changes take effect:

The following rewards can be obtained based on players' placements during Blockhead:

Additional rewards that players can earn during Blockhead:


Prior to a patch in early 2021, the Note Block could not be overridden. The note block was eventually removed from the possible blocks.

The Blockhead event is loosely based on the video game Splatoon.