A player on a To the Moon megastreak.
To the Moon
From the Hypixel Pit Wiki
To the Moon is a megastreak in the Hypixel Pit. It is the sixth megastreak unlocked chronologically and the fifth purchasable megastreak. Unlocked in the To the Moon Bundle at prestige XIV (150 renown), it is a killstreak that triggers on 100 kills. To the Moon can be used at level 80 and costs 50,000g to unlock.
The To the Moon megastreak provides the player with two benefits: While on the To the Moon megastreak, players will receive +10% incoming damage for every 20 kills in their streak above 100, and receive +0.1♥︎ of true damage on hit for every 20 kills above 200.
The amount of XP earned while on a To the Moon megastreak is copied. On death, the player will earn this amount of XP again multiplied by 0.005 per kill over 100, maxing at a 300 streak (1×).
The To the Moon Bundle also contains three killstreaks – Super Streaker, Gold Stack, and XP Stack.

While To the Moon grants a lot of XP if the player manages to maintain a high killstreak, it does not provide very much benefit at a low streak. Additionally, players take extremely high damage on longer streaks. Lower-prestige players prefer to use the Beastmode or Overdrive megastreaks in order to gain XP.