A player on a Hermit megastreak.
From the Hypixel Pit Wiki
Hermit is a megastreak in the Hypixel Pit. It is the third megastreak unlocked chronologically and the second purchasable megastreak. Unlocked with the Hermit Bundle at prestige IV (20 renown), it is a type of killstreak that triggers on 50 kills. Hermit can be used at level 50 and costs 20,000g to unlock.
Hermit is the only megastreak that provides a benefit and drawback before it triggers. When the player selects the Hermit megastreak, they will receive permanent Slowness I and their placed blocks will stay twice as long.
Upon its activation. the Hermit megastreak provides the player with four benefits: Once the megastreak activates, the player will also receive +0.3% more damage, increasing by +0.3% for every kill above 50.
The Hermit Bundle also contains four killstreaks with it – Pungent, Glass Pickaxe, Aura of Protection, and Ice Cube.

While the Hermit megastreak makes moving harder, its Resistance and true damage immunity makes it excellent for players who need more defense to streak.