A screenshot of The King's Quest.
The King's Quest
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The King's Quest is a mission given by The King on the Castle map. Upon its completion, The King will reward the player with 30% of their prestige's XP requirement, several thousand gold, and a Golden Helmet. The quest is available starting at prestige I.

After talking to The King, in order to complete The King's Quest, three tasks must be completed:

All three of these tasks must be completed in the time between starting the quest and the map rotation every Tuesday. The King's Quest is repeatable—it can be completed every time the Castle map appears; this happens every five weeks.

The XP and gold earned from The King's Quest depends on the player's prestige. For example, completing The King's Quest at prestige I awards 22,000 XP, yet completing the same quest at prestige XXV awards 720,000 XP. The XP earned from The King's Quest is approximately 30.326% of the player's prestige. The only exception is if the player is level 106 or higher—in that case, the player will only be given exactly enough XP to level up to [120].

The gold earned from The King's Quest can be calculated by multiplying the player's prestige by 2,000 and adding 10,000. For instance, a prestige VII player would earn (2,000 × 7) + 10,000 = 24,000g from The King's Quest.