A diamond, used on Hypixel to symbolize achievements
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Achievements are special tasks that can be completed to earn Hypixel achievement points. They have no gameplay effect and serve as additional challenges to players who wish to undertake them.

Achievements can range from trivially easy to excruciatingly difficult. Typically, harder achievements give more achievement points. Some achievements are tiered, meaning players will have to complete the achievement task multiple times in order to reach thresholds of the achievement. Tiered achievements give 5 points for tier I, 10 points for tier II, 15 points for tier III, 20 points for tier IV, and 25 points for tier V.

Below is a list of all Hypixel Pit achievements.

Tiered achievements:

5 Achievement Points:
10 Achievement Points:
15 Achievement Points:
20 Achievement Points:
25 Achievement Points:

Additionally, two seasonal achievements are earned in The Pit, each worth 5 points:

In total, 1,080 achievement points can be earned from The Pit – 1,090 points including the two seasonal achievements.
As of February 6, 2024, only 44 players have obtained all of The Pit's achievements.