Players fighting to reach the top of the structure created by the King of the Ladder event.
King of the Ladder
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King of the Ladder, or KOTL, is a minor event occuring in The Pit. The event lasts for 3 minutes.
When the event is active, a structure out of green hardened clay spawns in a random quadrant of the map. Standing on the structure rewards gold every second, with a higher rate of gold being rewarded at higher-up platforms. When more than one player is on a platform of the structure, the gold is distributed evenly between every player that is standing on it, incentivizing players to hit each other off. KOTL gives 2× gold and XP for kills and assists near the event zone.

KOTL was added in The Pit 0.4 - Events Extravaganza. Twelve players were credited to its creation; players suggested names such as "Ladder Wars" or "Hard-point" for the event.
Standing on a King of the Ladder structure for more than 20 seconds in one event gives the player the "Up on top" achievement, worth 10 achievement points.