A King of the Hill with no players on it.
King of the Hill
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King of the Hill, or KOTH, is a minor event occuring in The Pit. The event lasts for 4 minutes.

When the event is active, a circle made of diamond blocks spawns in a random quadrant of the map. Standing on the structure quadruples all gold and XP earned from kills and assists.

In order to receive the 4× bonus, the killer must be standing on diamond blocks. While upgrades, such as XP Boost and Gold Boost, increase a player's XP and gold, most perks, such as Olympus, are unaffected by the KOTH. Most notably, claiming a bounty on the KOTH will not reward the killer with 4× gold.


Two achievements can be earned from the KOTH event. "King of the XP" (15 achievement points) requires a player to earn 10,000 XP from kills and assists in a single event, and "Not much of a Hill" (10 achievement points) requires the player to stay on the diamond blocks of the KOTH for at least 3 minutes and 20 seconds.