The Pit 1.0.3
The Pit 1.0.3 - No-Rage Patch
Retro-Gravity Microcosm.
Release DateDec 17th, 2020
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Rage Pants    —    Tryhard Patch
The Pit 1.0.3
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The Pit 1.0.3, also known as the No-Rage Patch, was a patch for the Hypixel Pit. It features several balance changes and two new mystic enchantments.

A new Rage Pants enchantment, Brakes!, was added. It caps the Speed effect on targets and reduces damage taken from players at a higher y-elevation than the user.

A new Mystic Pants enchantment, Retro-Gravity Microcosm, was also added. It provides a set of bonuses when attacked three times in a row by a player who is not on the ground.

Balance changes:

Other changes: