The Pit 1.0.5
The Pit 1.0.5 - Tryhard Patch
The new Promotion!! rework.
Release DateNov 18th, 2021
Forums Approval72.7%
Forums AuthorMinikloon
No-Rage Patch    —    Bonk Patch
The Pit 1.0.5
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The Pit 1.0.5, also known as the Tryhard Patch, was a patch for the Hypixel Pit. It introduced the Insurance perk, balance changes, bug fixes, and other minor changes.

The Endless Quiver perk's name was changed to Insurance. Its arrow-return mechanic was moved to the Spammer perk. The Insurance perk would supposedly return full health to the player and grant Resistance II (0:04) if they died within 2 seconds of first being attacked. However, the perk did not work as intended, sometimes reviving the player far earlier than intended, and sometimes reviving the player on death despite it being far longer than 2 seconds since they were first attacked.

A new Rage Pants enchantment, Ace of Spades, was added. It reduces damage taken from players using Combat Spades.

Some major features were reworked:

Balance changes:

Other changes:

Some exploits were also fixed: