The Pit 1.0.6
The Pit 1.0.6 - Bonk Patch
The new enchanted Pit Supporter hat glint.
Release DateFeb 24th, 2022
Forums Approval98.3%
Forums AuthorMinikloon
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The Pit 1.0.6
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The Pit 1.0.6, also known as the Bonk Patch, is the latest patch of the Hypixel Pit. It introduced the Bonk! perk, new ways to obtain Chunks of Vile, balance changes, bug fixes, and other minor changes.

The Insurance perk's name was changed to Bonk!. Instead of reviving the user, it now protects the user from the first hit from all players and gives them Resistance I (0:02) when blocking hits.

Some methods of obtaining Chunks of Vile were buffed.

Balance changes:

Bug fixes:

Some exploits were also fixed:

Two changes were additionally made to the Pit Supporter package: