Armageddon Boots
Evil Within
Your hits ignore Somber
Demon Faction Reward
Armageddon Boots
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The Armageddon Boots are a mystic item obtained on the Genesis map. It is a pair of red dyed leather boots enchanted with the Evil Within mystic enchantment, which allows the player to ignore other players' Somber enchantments. Unlike most mystic items, the Armageddon Boots cannot be placed in the Mystic Well, and by extension cannot be repaired with Magnum Opus or enchanted in the Mystic Well. The boots have 66 lives.

Armageddon Boots can be obtained on the Genesis map from the Demon NPC after obtaining 4,000 Demon faction points. Its counterpart, from the Angel NPC, is the Archangel Chestplate.