Archangel Chestplate
Receive −10% damage
Angel Faction Reward
Archangel Chestplate
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The Archangel Chestplate is a mystic item obtained on the Genesis map. It is a diamond chestplate enchanted with the Guardian mystic enchantment, which reduces damage taken by −10%. Unlike most mystic items, the Archangel Chestplate cannot be placed in the Mystic Well, and by extension cannot be repaired with Magnum Opus or enchanted in the Mystic Well. The chestplate has 100 lives.

Archangel Chestplates can be obtained on the Genesis map from the Angel NPC after obtaining 4,000 Angel faction points. Its counterpart, from the Demon NPC, is the Armageddon Boots.


Before The Pit 1.0.5, the Archangel Chestplate had 12 lives. Because of a change in the update that made it much more difficult to retain mystic lives, the chestplate's lives were increased.

The Guardian enchantment can be disabled by the Dark Pants enchant Combo: Venom, reducing the Archangel Chestplate's functionality to that of an unenchanted diamond chestplate.