Recent bugfixes
Recent bugfixes
Release DateAugust 27th, 2018
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Forums AuthorMinikloon
Pizza Patch    —    Drop confirmation improvements
Recent bugfixes
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Recent bugfixes was a minor version of the Hypixel Pit. It was an intermediary update between the Pizza Patch and the release of the Corals map.

Mystic changes:

Bug fixes:

  • The Beast now receives damage while in spawn.
  • Fixed not being able to pick up fished gold ingots.
  • Fixed instances where players wouldn't receive the correct amount of renown during events.
  • Fixed receiving the "removed 3 lives" message from disconnecting while in combat multiple times.
  • Fixed typing /lobby adding a death in player stats.
  • Fixed Guild EXP not being awarded.
  • Fixed Team Deathmatch assigning joining players to the wrong team.
  • Fixed instances of Team Deathmatch not ending properly.
  • Fixed the Critically Funky description stating it made the user take 35% of critical hits instead of 65%.
  • Fixed Escape Pod triggering early due to its calculations ignoring armor.
  • Fixed 2x Rewards not working when occuring in the Pit area.
  • Fixed the hologram on the launcher calling the Pizza event a minor event.
  • Fixed parts of the Pizza event starting when the event is announced.
  • Fixed a Pizza place in Temple quadrant of the Corals map causing players to launch to the wrong area.
  • Fixed Trickle-down healing 1♥︎ instead of 2♥︎.