The Pit 0.1
New PTL Game - The Hypixel Pit
Players in the spawn area of the Elements map.
Release DateFebruary 26th, 2018
Forums Approval97.0%
Forums AuthorMinikloon
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The Pit 0.1
From the Hypixel Pit Wiki

The Pit 0.1 was the first version of the Hypixel Pit. It was released to the Prototype Lobby on February 26, 2018.

Features that existed in The Pit 0.1:

Only a limited selection of perks existed in the first version of The Pit. These perks were the following:

Prestiging and earning renown was unavailable in The Pit 0.1. Additionally, mystic items, major events, and minor events were nonexistent.


In The Pit 0.1, XP was maxed at 1,000,000 at level 100 (prestige IX today). This was changed in The Pit 0.2.