The Pit 0.3
The Pit Update 0.3 - Improved Map, Events and Contracts!
The new Blockhead event.
Release DateMarch 19th, 2018
Forums Approval98.3%
Forums AuthorMinikloon
Tiny post-update patch    —    The Pit 0.3.1
The Pit 0.3
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The Pit 0.3 was the third major version of the Hypixel Pit. It introduced cosmetic updates to the Elements map, major events, minor events, quests, contracts, additional perks, and other minor changes.

To improve the visuals of the Elements map, the following features were added:

Four major events – Rage Pit, Team Deathmatch, Beast, and Raffle – were added to the game. Additionally, the minor events 2x Rewards, King of the Hill, Everyone Gets a Bounty, and Care Package were introduced. Major events gave players a new way to obtain renown aside from prestiging. Minikloon stated that Hypixel was "looking for new ideas" for events.

The Quest Master NPC was added, providing players the ability to earn gold from quests and contracts.

The update added eight perks bought from the renown shop: Barbarian, Dirty, First Strike, Olympus, Rambo, Recon (at prestige II), Soup, and Thick.

Balance changes:

Other changes & fixes: